About Us

Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd                                                              (ABN: 60 106 452 206)


About Us

Terra Australis GeophysicaPty Ltd    established in 2003 is a geophysical consultant to investigate the invisible underground structure using geophysical methods.  

 Our Service 

 Application Areas  Geophysical Techniques
           Civil Engineering             Seismic Data  Acquisition and Processing -  MASW and Refraction
           Environmental / Agriculture             Seismic Data Processing - Reflection
           Resources Exploration             Electromagnetic Surveys -  Offered with one of our partners.
        Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys -  Offered with one of our partners.


Our Operation 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in exploration geophysics.   With this knowledge , we can advise the most suitable method for your application.

Our particular speciality is the surface wave seismic method.  We collect and analyse seismic data and deliver the information about ground competence.

If  the seismic method is not suitable for your requirement, we can advise other method and organise an alternative survey with a contractor in our contacts.

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Our Partners  

We have good deal of contacts in the engineering / environmental / geophysical industries to provide comprehensive service to meet clients' needs.

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