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Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd                                                              (ABN: 60 106 452 206)


 Our Partners

Terra Australis GeophysicaPty Ltd    operates with a number of partners to provide comprehensive service to you. 

This page also lists a useful link to our friends in geophysical services. 

Our Partners  


Sales of Geophysical Instruments / Software


      Geo.Visual Systems

Seismic Data Processing Software



Our Friends

 Resitivity Surveys


GPR Surveys 




 Integrated Engineering Surveys

Suncoh Consultants, Japan


 Minerals Exploration

GeoDiscovery Group Pty Ltd


Geophysical Software


 Comprehensive Environmental Surveys


GPS Positioning and

Gravity Surveys


 Engineering Project Management

 Construction Site Preparation


  Seismic Surveys

 Geotechnical Investigation

Black Geotechnical