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Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd services the engineering, environmental, agricultural and resource industries by providing information on the property and structure of the underground material.

Under the cover of the surface soil,

  • there may be hard rock formation that provides safe footing to the construction of buildings, bridges and roads;
  • there may be void like cave that may cause difficulty in construction;
  • there may be water saturated layer that may benefit agriculture; that water may have high salinity harmful to them; or
  • there may be oil / gas / coal / minerals resources worth millions of dollars.

But who knows its existence and how deep? Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd applies the seismic, electromagnetic methods to probe the underground from the surface. The seismic method investigates the elastic property of the rock formations and estimates the structure down to several hundred metres. The newly developed surface seismic method can estimate elastic structure down to 30 metres with high resolution. The electromagnetic sensor collects the data of electric and magnetic properties and estimates variation of electric conductivity and magnetic susceptibility of the ground to 50 metres deep.

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