Seismic Acquisition

Seismic Survey

Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd acquires seismic data for reflection, refraction and surface wave analysis.

The Seismic Method measures earth’s elastic property by observing propagation of seismic wave sourced by hammer-hitting, weight dropping or explosives. The data are sensed by a series of geophones along a line, and recorded by a digital recorder. A portable PC controls the recording and stores data.

A RAS-24 digital recorder by Seistronix records 24 channels of data at a time. The configuration is flexible and ideal for high-resolution shallow survey for environmental and engineering applications, as well as resource survey to the depth of approximately 50 metres.

The data are processed in-house with Parallel Geoscience’s SPW system for reflection and refraction surveys and SurfSeis software by Kansas Geological Survey for surface wave analysis.

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