Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd established in 2003 is a geophysical consultancy to investigate the invisible underground structure using geophysical methods.

Our Staff

Koya Suto: Graduating from Akita University in Japan with Bachelor of Engineering in Geology and Master of Engineering in Exploration Geophysics, he came to Adelaide University for further research in airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys in the Broken Hill area. He was, however, employed by oil companies for next 23 years mainly for seismic data interpretation and supervising data acquisition and processing. He has exposure to geophysical techniques for minerals, coal and petroleum resources.

With Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd , Koya has been studying and using the MASW method since 2003. (The first MASW software, SurfSeis, was issued in 2001). He is one of the longest users of this method in Australia.

He translated a textbook “The Microtremor Survey Method” by Prof Okada published by SEG as Monograph Series 12, which concerns near-surface engineering and environmental geophysics.

He is a member of Federal Executive Committee of Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists since 1992 and currently vice president.