Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd                       (ABN: 60 106 452 206)

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Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd  provides geophysical surveys to a variety of application areas.  The table below shows examples of applicable methods to some of the situations.

 Application  Object  Geophysical Method
 Civil Engineering - Road  Distribution of physical properties of ground  Surface Wave (shallow - high resolution); Seismic Refraction (medium depth); Seismic Reflection (deep)
   Assessing difficulty of excavation  Seismic Refraction
   Deep geological structure  Seismic Reflection
 Civil Engineering - Structural Construction  Physical properties of supporting ground  Seismic Refraction; Seismic Reflection
   Buried objects  Seismic Reflection; Electromagnetics; GPR
 Agricultural / Environmental  Ground water distribution  Electromagnetic; Surface Wave (MASW)
   Water Salinity  Electromagnetics
 Archaeological  Buried objects

 Electromagnetic; GPR

   Subsurface structure  Electromagnetics
 Coal / Petroleum Resources

 Geological structure Resource Distribution

 Seismic Reflection