Land Streamer

Land Streamer

8 Hz conventional geophone (left) and land streamer 4.5 Hz geophone station.

Terra Australis Geophysica Pty Ltd and Ecoseis designed and developed a new land streamer, perhaps the first of this kind in Australia.

Traditionally, the land seismic survey involves placing multitude of geophones and cables. This “planting” and retrieving geophones and cables for each spread are the most labour-intensive and time-consuming part of the survey. The landstreamer eliminates the necessity of this operation

A streamer survey near a sugar cane field, Cabbage Tree Point, QLD. The yellow flags indicate source point location.

The land streamer with attached geophone stations is pulled behind the vehicle from one spread to another.

The trigger cables are incorporated in the streamer so that the the seismic source operator does not have to drag a long cable with him along the geophone spread.

The data cables from the land streamer is connected to the RAS-24 Recorder in the vehicle.